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Ankara, Turkey
June 1998

Cynthia C. Davidson, Introduction
Suha Ozkan, Anytime in Anatolia

1. Beginnings
Emel Akozer, A Trojan Racecourse
Akram Abu Hamdan, Thematic Architecture: Significance + Urban Interaction
Nevzat Sayin and Serhan Ada, How to Make a Shuttle with Dust and Wind
Mark Goulthorpe, Hystera Protera
Can Cinici and Aslihan Demirtas, Winding Ankara
Han Tumertekin, Beginning: Zero
Winy Maas, Beginning
Can Bilsel, De la nature morte vivante: An Architecture of Standstill
Rahul Mehrotra, Working in Bombay: The City as Generator of Practice
Zeynep Mennan, Mehmet Kutukcuoglu and Kerem Yazgan, Delayed

2. Trajectories
Arata Isozaki and Akira Asada, Simulated Origin, Simulated End
Hubert Damisch, Three Minus Two, Two Plus One: Architecture and the Fabric of Time
Zaha Hadid, The Ambition of the New
Banu Helvacioglu, An Ankara Chronicle: Fidelity to an Impossibility
Discussion 1

3. The Collapse of Time
Saskia Sassen, Juxtaposed Temporalities: Producing a New Zone
Romi Khosla, Abstract and Ancient Futures
Unal Nalbantoglu, Homecoming after the Time-collapse
Rem Koolhaas, Netherlands Embassy
Discussion 2

4. (M)Anytimes
John Rajchman, Time Out
Ugur Tanyeli, The Emergence of Modern Time-consciousness in the Islamic World and the Problematics of Spatial Perception
Bernard Tschumi, Diasync
Charles Jencks, Architectural Time - Between Melancholy and Narrative
Discussion 3

5. Futures
Bruce Mau, Getting Engaged
Fredric Jameson, Time and the Concept of Modernity
Jale Erzen, Time and Self Incarnated
Ilhan Tekeli, Anytime as an Interpretation of Time and Its Prospects for Reflections on the Future
Michael Sorkin, Telling Time
Discussion 4

6. Rethinking Space and Time
Peter Eisenman, Time Warps: The Monument
Ayse Erzan, Abstract Machines and Calculable Grammars of Geometrical Shapes
Greg Lynn, Bio Time
Ahmet Inam, Fabula Tempus
Balkrishna Doshi, Give Time a Break
Discussion 5

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