Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam, Holland
June 1997

Cynthia C. Davidson, Introduction

1. Tools, Organization, Process
Sanford Kwinter, Leap in the Void: A New Organon? 
Peter Eisenman, Zones of Undecidability: The Processes of the Interstitial
Nasrine Seraji, Nexus-Atelier: Tools, Organization, Process
Ignasi de Sola-Morales, Liquid Architecture
Discussion 1

2. Infrastructure, Distribution
Paul Andreu, Tunneling
Akira Asada and Arata Isozaki, From Molar Metabolism to Molecular Metabolism
Francesca Hughes, Faking It: Pregnant Pauses and Other Constructions of Delay
Ed Taverne, Havens in a Heartless World
Ben van Berkel, Basically (for now) Three Topics
Discussion 2

3. Money, Market, Policy
Fredric Jameson, The Brick and the Balloon: Architecture, Idealism, and Land Speculation
Alejandro Zaera-Polo, New Platforms
Saskia Sassen, Hong Kong: Strategic Site/New Frontier
Kojin Karatani, Architecture's Impurity
Ole Bouman, Don't Save Architecture, Spend It! 
Discussion 3

4. Time, Information, Numbers
Adriaan Geuze, Manmade Tabula Rasa
Greg Lynn, Geometry in Time
Hubert Damisch, How We Deal with History
Rem Koolhaas, Pearl River Delta
Beatriz Colomina, Reflections on the Eames House
Discussion 4

5. Project, Program, Future
John Rajchman, A New Pragmatism? 
Joost Meuwissen, The Virtuous Horse or Empiricism in Urbanism
Rosi Braidotti, On Enfleshed Memories and the Power of Repetition
Bernard Tschumi, Through a Broken Lens
Elizabeth Grosz, The Future of Space: Toward an Architecture of Invention
Discussion 5

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