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Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 1996

Cynthia C. Davidson, Introduction

1. The Idealized Body
Ignasi de Sola-Morales, Absent Bodies
Paulo Mendez de Rocha, For(m) Example
Sylviane Agacinski, Incorporation
Arata Isozaki & Akira Asada, The Demiurgomorphic Contour
Discussion 1

2. The Body Politic
Jean Franco, From Public Space to the Fortified Enclave
Rafael Cordiviola and Mauricio Virgens, City and Fiesta: The Carnival of Salvador and the Nago City
Marta Oyhanarte, The Body Politic
Masao Miyoshi, Architecture in a Reconfigured Body Politique
Armando Silva, Imaginary North/South
Justo Solsona, Extremities: The Urban Body in Chaos
Discussion 2

3. The Virtual Body
Elizabeth Grosz, Cyberspace, Virtuality, and the Real: Some Architectural Reflections
Glenda Kapstein, Casa de Retiro
Fredric Jameson, Absent Totality
Guillermo Kuitca, A Body of Work
Elizabeth Diller, Indigestion
Discussion 3

4. The Formless Body
John Rajchman, Some Senses of "Ground" 
Greg Lynn, From Body to Blob
Brian Massumi, The Political Economy of Belonging and the Logic of Reason
Enrique Norten, Immaterial Architecture
Jorge Francisco Liernur, Toward a Disembodied Architectural Discourse
Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Forget Heisenberg
Discussion Four

5. The Architectural Body
Fernando Perez Oyarzun, The Mirror and the Cloak
Beatriz Colomina, The Medical Body in Modern Architecture
Peter Eisenman, Zones of Undecidability: The Interstitial Figure
Renato Rizzi, The End of Becoming
Ben van Berkel, Yes, but . . .
Discussion 5


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