About Any Publications



The bimonthly magazine ANY critically examined architecture, its relationships to other disciplines, and its cultural role in general at the end of the millennium. ANY, the name of which both reads as something undecidable (any magazine) and as an acronym for Architecture New York, involved architects, critics, theorists, sociologists, economists and others from around the world who address issues in architecture that bear on contemporary culture. ANY, which began in May 1993, also sponsored public seminars on the themes in the magazine. Publication ceased in October 2000 with number 27.

All issues of ANY are available through Jstor.

the ANY Conferences

From 1991 to 2000, the core of the Anyone project was a finite series of ten annual multidisciplinary, cross-cultural conferences on the condition of architecture at the end of the millennium, each held in a different city: Los Angeles, Yufuin (Japan), Barcelona, Montreal, Seoul, Buenos Aires, Rotterdam, Ankara, Paris, and New York. Architects, artists, philosophers, historians, and people from many other disciplines met to discuss architecture under themes defined around one of the ten compound any words in the English dictionary. The proceedings were published in books of the same name. Videos of the meetings are now in the archives of the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal.