Seoul, Korea
June 1995

Cynthia C. Davidson, Introduction

1. Knowledge and Wisdom in Architectural Thought
Akira Asada and Arata Isozaki, Haishi Jimua
Fredric Jameson, City Theory in Jacobs and Heidegger
Masao Miyoshi, Outside Architecture
Peter Eisenman, Eleven Points on Knowledge and Wisdom
Kenjiro Okazaki, Responsibility
Discussion 1

2. Architecture and Urbanism
Tao Ho, Energy, Environment, Heritage: The Need for a Paradigm Shift
Sandra Buckley, Contagion
Greg Lynn, Form and Field
Jong Soung Kimm, The Insadong District in Seoul: An Urban Design Proposal
Discussion 2

3. Urban Continuity and Transformation
Kojin Karatani, Architecture and Earthquakes
Saskia Sassen, Reconfiguring Centrality
Sang Hae Lee, Symbiosis, Coexistence, and Prosperity
Ignasi de Sola-Morales, Urban Superimposition: The City of Marseilles
Discussion 3

4. Visions of New Cities
Rem Koolhaas, Fishing in Troubled Waters
William Lim, Fuzzy Vision of a New Urbanism
Jeffrey Kipnis, BEjING 'n SeOUL
Gun Young Lee, The Challenges of Growth: Five New Towns
Discussion 4

5. (Un)Structured Seoul
Nak-chung Paik, Continuity and Transformation
Sung Woong Hong, The Future of Cities in Confucian States
Seung Joong Yoon, Seoul: Blueprint for the 21st Century
Seok Chul Kim, Seoul: An Architect's Challenge
David Harvey, On Architects, Bees, and Possible Urban Worlds
Henry Cobb, City of Any
Discussion 5

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