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Los Angeles, California
May 1991

Cynthia Davidson, In Any Event

Jeffrey Kipnis, Three Questions of Anyone
Kojin Karatani, The Status of an Individual
Roberto Mangabeira Unger, The Better Futures of Architecture
Jacques Derrida, Summary of Impromptu Remarks
Fredric Jameson, Demographies of the Anonymous
Arata Isozaki and Akira Asada, A Fragmentary Portrait of Anyone as Demiourgos
Discussion A-1

Daniel Libeskind, ANYONE? A Text for a Ventriloquist
John Rajchman, On Not Being Any One
Francesco Dal Co, In Consideration of Time
Rafael Moneo, Cualquiera
R.E. Somol, RE: The Subject of Disappearance
Discussion B-1

Mark C. Taylor, The Subject of Architecture
Rem Koolhaas, Precarious Entity
William Gibson, Text[v]oid
Discussion A-2

Ignasi de Sola-Morales, From Autonomy to Untimeliness
Frank O. Gehry, Hook, Line, and Signature
Maria Nordman, Infinite Openness
Peter Eisenman, The Author's Affect: Passion and the Moment of Architecture
Rosalind Krauss, Six Notes on the Subject of the Grid
Anthony Vidler, Transparency
Discussion A-3

David Salle, The Style, the Image, and the Arbitrary


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