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Log 5: Postcriticality


Spring/Summer 2005

Guest Editors R.E. Somol and Sarah Whiting

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R.E. Somol & Sarah Whiting, Okay, Here's the Plan

Lucia Allais, The "Evolution" Clause

Stan Allen, The Digital Complex

Marc Angelil & Cary Siress, Do Not Pass Go

Penelope Dean, Deadline Urbanism

Keller Easterling, Believers & Cheaters

Edward Eigen, On Accident

Dawn Finley, Assuming Risk

Adriaan Geuze & Chidi Onwuka, Colonizing Voids

Ellen Grimes, Fakes

Branden Hookway, Ambient Organization

Jeannie Kim, Playlist

Jeffrey Kipnis, Is Resistance Futile?

Sanford Kwinter, Confessions of an Organicist

Lars Lerup, Met Form

Mark Linder, Literal: There's No Denying It

Robert McAnulty, What's the Matter with Material?

Ana Miljacki, Some Crackpot Realism, Please!

Edward Mitchell, The Guerilla Farmer's Almanac

Albert Pope, Blue Archipelago

David Salomon, Letting Go

Mitchell Schwarzer, Controlled Burn

Roger Sherman, If, Then

Brett Steele, Split Personalities

Val K. Warke, Type-Silence-Genre

Ron Witte, Go Figure

Andrew Zago, Real What?