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Log 8: Toward a Critique of Sustainable Architecture and Landscape


Summer 2006

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Marc Angelil Cary Siress, Dubai, Inc.

Shumon Basar, Don't Stop, Never Stop

Tina Di Carlo, Tropical Green

Cynthia Davidson, Raised to Observe: Glenn Murcutt

Daniela Fabricius, Vieques: Greening the US Military

David Greene, L.A.W.U.N.

Catherine Ingraham, Expansive Resourcefulness

Mark Jarzombek, Sustainability: Fuzzy Systems and Wicked Problems

Jordan Kauffman, To LEED or Not to Lead

Bill Kelley Jr., Not A Cornfield: Public and Private Space in LA

Leon Krier, Classicus and Vernaculus

Caroline O'Donnell, Gibson, Giraffes, and Gibbons

Alessandra Ponte, Garbage Art and Garbage Housing

Hanno Rauterberg, Cognitive Baroque: The Digital Modern

Julie Rose, The Wollemi Pine: From Dinosaur to Patio Icon

Zoe Ryan, A Conversation with Mel Chin

Ole Scheeren, Penang Tropical City

Paulette Singley, Fascism Under Erasure: A Proposal for Via dei Fori Imperiali in Rome

Charles Waldheim, Airport Landscape

Allen S. Weiss, Trauma and the Future of Landscape

PLUS: On Eco-Aesthetics . . . On Public Art . . . On Recycling . . . On Systems . . . On Utopia . . .