Log 46


Summer 2019

From classical sculpture to video game graphics, from Renaissance frescoes to Instagrammable buildings, Log 46 (Summer 2019) brings together architects, artists, and historians, both new and established voices, who examine the multiple forces that shape architectural discourse. In this open issue, David Gissen discusses new research on ancient civilizations; Viola Ago assesses compositional physics; Sharel Liu investigates how coliving spaces attempt to build community; Jimenez Lai explores architects’ relationships with irony and sincerity; Charles Waldheim revisits the avant-garde qualities of the airport jet bridge; and Mark Foster Gage and Michael Meredith spar over categories in architecture. Log 46 also features a number of pieces that rethink architectural surfaces: Ivi Diamantopoulou challenges architects to look up at the ceiling, Camilo José Vergara documents anonymous street art, Patrick Templeton reports on a drawing machine, and Adam Longenbach empowers misreadings of the US-Mexico border wall. This issue also includes fiction by David Heymann, an interview with OMA’s Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli by Andrés Ramirez, a look at the TWA Hotel by Cynthia Davidson, book reviews by Edward Eigen and Philip Ursprung, a letter from Bangkok by François Roche, a new appraisal of Dante and Bramante by Pier Paolo Tamburelli, and Thomas Daniell’s translation of Tadao Ando’s first published essay.


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Viola Ago, “Compositional Physics and Other Diagrams of Force”

Thomas Daniell, “Finding a Voice”

Cynthia Davidson, “Up and Away at JFK”

Ivi Diamantopoulou, “The View from Below”

Edward Eigen, “Consequences”

Mark Foster Gage, Michael Meredith & Michael Young, “MMM: Multiple Resolutions”

David Gissen, “Wake New History”

David Heymann, “Net Zero”

Jimenez Lai, “Between Irony and Sincerity”

Sharel Liu, “Community on Tap: The Commodification of Identity”

Adam Longenbach, “Walls and the Virtues of (Mis)Readings”

Andrés F. Ramirez & Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, “Image Building: A Conversation”

François Roche, “The Dance of Death: Letter from BKK”

Pier Paolo Tamburelli, “Dante, Giotto, Piero, Bramante”

Patrick Templeton, “Analog Algorithm”

Philip Ursprung, “Unending Journey: Forster on Schinkel”

Camilo José Vergara, “The Other Street Art”

Charles Waldheim, “The Aero-Gangplank and the Avant Garde”

And observations on snowballs, Log 44, a houseguest, and MoMA PS1 . . .