Winter 2016

Guest edited by architect Greg Lynn, Log 36: ROBOLOG explores the challenges and potentials posed to architecture by the rapidly accelerating field of robotics. Tossing aside the usual fabrication-focused discourse around robots, the 23 contributors to ROBOLOG investigate topics ranging from hyperrealistic robotic drag queens to machine vision to buildings that move. In addition to a collection of thought-provoking essays, this issue includes conversations with Elizabeth Diller, Nicholas de Monchaux and Ken Goldberg, and Chuck Hoberman. Rather than providing easy answers or touting cutting-edge technologies, ROBOLOG offers provocations to both architects and theorists. Robotic sensors, actuators, and networks have fundamentally transformed the world around us. What will architecture choose to do with them?

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Paola Antonelli, Do Humans Dream of Robotic Seals?

Erin Besler & Ian Besler, Along the Frontier of Resolution

Jacob Comerci, The Robot of Kunsthal I

Thomas Daniell, Bug Eyes and Blockhead

Nicholas de Monchaux & Ken Goldberg, Death and Robots

Cynthia Davidson, Moving Parts: A Conversation with Elizabeth Diller

Adam Fure, Meat Helmet

Chuck Hoberman & Greg Lynn, Transforming Geometries

Greg Lynn, Giant Robots

Güvenç Özel, Toward a Postarchitecture

Antoine Picon, Free the Robots!

François Roche & Camille Lacadée, MMYST vs. concrete[i]land

Fred Scharmen, Home Tweet Home

Alex Schweder, The Sound and the Future

Chelsea Spencer & Johannes Staudt, Après Mies Le Déluge

Jordan Squires, The Turk

Patrick Tresset, Sketches by Paul-I

Andrew Witt, Cartogramic Metamorphologies; or, Enter the RoweBot

Liam Young, An Atlas of Fiducial Landscapes: Touring the Architectures of Machine Vision