Log 35


Fall 2015

Log 35 offers cutting-edge architectural thought, both historical and speculative, for our hyperconnected world. The 21 contributors to this Fall 2015 issue offer new thinking from across and beyond the discipline of architecture, from investigations of architecture’s encounters with politics, economics, and art to focused investigations of individual architects and studios, including Sou Fujimoto, Dogma, and Takefumi Aida. Log 35 also includes a 32-page excerpt from Benjamin H. Bratton’s forthcoming book The Stack, which explores the consequences and possibilities of planetary-scale computation and the new geopolitical architecture it represents, plus a review of the book by Jeffrey Kipnis.

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Simon Battisti, Kulla e Pambaruar

Benjamin H. Bratton, The Stack

Anthony Burke, Good Buildings Behaving Badly

Tom Daniell, Difference and Repetition

Joe Day, Broad Strokes

Lisa Hsieh, The Architecture Utters Nothing

Jeffrey Kipnis, A (P)review

Francesco Marullo, Logistics Takes Command

Michael Meredith, Toward the Body of Work

Nicolò Ornaghi & Francesco Zorzi, A Conversation with Arduino Cantàfora

Christopher Pierce, Slow Ride

Alex Schweder & Ward Shelley, Counterweight Roommate

Paulette Singley, Fear of Figures

Christophe Van Gerrewey, How Soon Is Now?: Ten Problems and Paradoxes in the Work of Dogma

PLUS: Pipe dreams . . . An observatory . . . and more . . .