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Log 30


Winter 2014

Log 30 showcases brilliant writing with a collection of articles that mine the canon of 20th-century architecture for new insights while also continuing the conversation from recent issues of Log on the state of architecture today. Published on the 100th anniversary of Le Corbusier’s Maison Dom-ino, this winter 2014 issue features new analytical essays on that iconic project as well as the first English translations of letters written by Corbusier between 1914 and 1916. With these essays and an in-depth interview with OMA cofounder Elia Zenghelis, plus reviews and other articles on topics like digitally designed form and the hashtag, Log 30 is at once archival and contemporary.

This sold-out issue of Log is available on Jstor.

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Pier Vittorio Aureli, The Dom-ino Problem: Questioning the Architecture of Domestic Space

Benjamin Burdick, #hashtag

Jean-Louis Cohen, The Dom-ino Intrigue

Le Corbusier, Maison Dom-ino

Cynthia Davidson, A Conversation with Elia Zenghelis

Peggy Deamer, The Critical Problem; or, Talking Shop

Pia Ednie-Brown, Architectural Coexistence: Twins, Log, and the Ecology of Things

Peter Eisenman, Apects of Modernism: Maison Dom-ino and the Self-Referential Sign

Todd Gannon, Pragmatic Radicalism, Aesthetic Bliss, and Other LA Stories

David Huber, Chandigarh, Noted

Wes Jones, Can Tectonics Grasp Smoothness?

Manuel Orazi, The Light and Shadow of Gabriele Basilico

Antoine Picon, Dom-ino: Archetype and Fiction

Alessandra Ponte, Maps and Territiories

PLUS: Copying . . . Arcosanti . . . Phnom Penh . . . Facades . . .