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ANY 7/8 | Form Work: Colin Rowe


September 1994

Guest Editor: R.E. Somol

R.E. Somol, Oublier Rowe
Paulette Singley, Instructions for Modern Parlor Games in the Architect's Country House
Mark Linder, From Pictorial Impropriety to "Seaming"
Stan Allen, Addenda Errata
A Questioner, Questions for Colin Rowe
Colby Wond, A Continuing Chronology: Colin Rowe
Greg Lynn, New Variations on the Rowe Complex
Anthony Vidler, Two or three things I know about Him
Colin Rowe, On Architectural Education
Colin Rowe, Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Colby Wong, A Selected Bibliography: Colin Rowe

Cynthia C. Davidson, Dear Reader
R.E. Somol, Fred Koetter, Judith Wolin, Albert Pope, Peggy Deamer, Nadir Lahiji, Michael Graves, Thomas L. Schumacher, Stuart Cohen, Preston Scott Cohen, Sarah Whiting and Ron Witte, Steven Hurtt, Ben Nicholson, Richard Sommer, Mario Gandelsonas, and Sanford Kwinter ... What is the status of work on form today?
Peter Eisenman, Not the Last Word: The Intellectual Sheik

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