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ANY 19/20 | The Virtual House


September 1997

Guest Editor: John Rajchman, based on the commissioning of seven architects to design a "virtual" house and the discussion of those houses at a seminar in Berlin, 21-22 March 1997

Cynthia Davidson, Dear Reader
Allen S. Weiss, Critic @ Large: If This Is a Garden: The Works of Henri Olivier
Sanford Kwinter, FFE
Wes Jones, The Nelsons

ANY 19: Philosophy Opens the Door
John Rajchman, Artifice in an Ersatz World
Gilles Deleuze, The Actual and the Virtual
Eric Alliez, The Virtual Deleuze
Erik Oger, Mirrors, Ghosts, and Open Zones: Virtuality in Bergson's Philosophy
Elizabeth Grosz, The Future of Space: Toward an Architecture of Invention
Paul Virilio, Cybernetics & Society
Gilles Chatelet, Virtuality: Plastic and Offensive

ANY 20: Architecture Looks for the Key Conditions for the Virtual House
John Rajchman, The Virtual House: A Description
Toyo Ito, White U
FOA/Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Constructing Ground
Jean Nouvel, Palladio's Soul
Peter Eisenman and Ingeborg Rocker, The Virtual: The Unform in Architecture
Herzog & de Meuron,
Daniel Libeskind, Virtual Infinity
Jury Discussion