ANY 10 | Mech-In-Tecture: Reconsidering the Mechanical in the Electronic Era


February/March 1995

Guest Editor: Wes Jones, in conjunction with a seminar on the Internet

Richard Ingersoll, Dear Editor: Bidness
David Smiley, Dear Editor: Cartoon
Cynthia Davidson, Dear Reader
Jorge Francisco Liernur, Letter from Buenos Aires
Rebecca Horn, Project: "The Turtle Sighing Tree"
Sanford Kwinter, Counterblast
Wes Jones, The Nelsons
Conference, WELL Event
Wes Jones, The Mech in Tecture
Mark Dery, The Persistence of Industrial Memory
Neil Denari, Ambivalent Paralogics: Intransigent Desires
Craig Hodgetts, Architecture and Fabrication in the Age of Fabrication
Charles Jencks, High-Tech Slides to Organi-Tech
Guy Nordenson, Chuck Hoberman, Mahadev Raman, Interview: Three Engineers (sitting around talking)
Sylvia Lavin, Dear ... ,

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