ANY 15 | Memory, Inc.: Return of Repressed Architectural Memory


September 1996

Guest Editor: Anselm Haverkamp

Cynthia Davidson, Dear Reader
Armando Silva, Letter from Bogota
Felicity Scott, Critic @ Large: Fables of the Reconstruction
Wes Jones, The Nelsons
Eisenman Architects, Project: Holocaust Memorial, Vienna
Sanford Kwinter, FFE
Anselm Haverkamp, Ghost Machine or Embedded Intelligence? Architexture and Mnemotechnique
Gerhard Vinken, The Cult of Death and the Art of Memory: Ad memoriam patris Benedicti
Jean-Philippe Antoine, Memory, Places, and Spatial Invention
Komar & Melamid, We Remember, Or So It Seems
Simone Barck, Memorial Tolerance: Topographical Traces of a Forgotten Myth
Jane Malmo, The Forgotten but Unforgettable Desire of Justice
Mike Kelley, Repressed Architectural Memory Replaced with Psychic Reality
Carol Jacobs, Topographically Speaking: Benjamin/Berlin
Anselm Haverkamp, The Scene of Memory: Names and Places, the Means of Translation
Sandy Baldwin, Forgetting the Future?
Salvatore Puglia, Abstracts of Abstracts of Anamnesis

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