Anything can be ordered from MIT Press.

New York, New York
June 2000

1. Thing as Abstraction
Bernard Tschumi, On Passing Time in Space, Airports and Urban Phenomena
Fredric Jameson, From Metaphor to Allegory
Romi Khosla, The Loneliness of the Long Distant Future
Saskia Sassen, Scale and Span in a Global Digital World
Hani Rashid, Architecture as Interface

2. Thing as Object
Wolf Prix, Space for Change
Osamu Ishiyama, Open-ended Skill: Six Points
Mark C. Taylor, Remote Control
Bruce Mau, Stress
Daniel Buren, Walking on Water

3. Thing as Material
Jeffrey Kipnis, In the Mood for Architecture
Steven Holl, The Thingness of Light
Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, Radiant Synthetic Effects
Jacques Herzog, Thinking of Gadamer's Floor
Rafael Moneo, The Thing Called Architecture

4. Thing as Feeling
Elizabeth Diller, Blur/Babble
Giuliana Bruno, Thing as Feeling: Emotion Pictures
Akira Asada and Arata Isozaki, A Concise Genealogy of the Thing
Zaha Hadid, Making Strange
Gary Hill and Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson, Anything Intervention

5. Thing as Obsession
Rem Koolhaas, The Regime of ¥€$
Beatriz Colomina, Information Obsession: Multiscreen Architecture
Jean Nouvel, Obsession ? Fascination
Germano Celant, A Flexible Architecture
Ingo Günther, Refugee Republic
Greg Lynn, The New Generic

6. Thing as Idea
Anthony Vidler, From Anything to Biothing
Ignasi de Sola-Morales, Surface Inscriptions
Elizabeth Grosz, The Thing
Hubert Damisch, Anything But
Kojin Karatani, Thing as Other
Peter Eisenman, Making the Cut

Cynthia C. Davidson, Afterword