Log 45 Postcard Competition


The Log postcard derives from the journal's attempt to bring a critical lens to the seductive power of the image in an age dominated by imagery. As each Log is unwrapped, the postcard image "falls off," to be replaced by a text, or "cover story." The postcard then either travels by mail or, more often than not, becomes a bookmark.
The cover story and its postcard image must in some way address architecture, or an architectural or urban condition. While they serve as talismans for each issue, Log postcards do not necessarily relate to the content of the issue with which they appear. Log 45 is an open, nonthematic issue. Wit and surprise are encouraged.

We value the unpredictable, but all entries must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Do not submit architectural design projects or images that are personal and/or self-referential. No renderings please. All entries must be the exclusive intellectual property of the contestant.

  • Postcard photographs may be black-and-white or color, horizontal or vertical in orientation.

  • Submit the image as a jpeg at 300 dpi, measuring 8 x 5 3/4 inches.

  • Submit the accompanying cover story, which should address the subject of the image (100 words maximum) in Microsoft Word document format.

  • An individual may submit up to three postcard proposals, but all must meet the above requirements to be considered.

  • Submit your postcard proposal to submissions at anycorp dot com with the subject heading "Log 45 Postcard Competition." Include your name and contact information.

Submit images and texts by midnight, December 10, 2018.
The winning entry will appear on the cover of Log 45, to be published in February 2019. In addition, the winner will receive a $200 honorarium, a Log tote bag, two copies of Log 45, and 25 copies of their postcard. The winner will be notified by December 21, 2018. All decisions regarding the appropriateness of materials submitted and the final selection are solely at the discretion of the Log editors.