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Log 25
Summer 2012
Is resistance possible? Log 25, guest edited by French architect Francois Roche, urges us to Reclaim Resi[lience]stance -- to merge refusal and vitality into a schizophrenic logic able to navigate the antagonism between the bottom-up and top-down conditions of the globalized world. Architects and artists, theorists and philosophers, engineers and programmers drift between strategies of emergence, computation, and robotic fabrication, delineating new tactics and tools for renegotiating mechanisms of power and unsettling architectural conventions.

Alisa Andrasek, Open Synthesis// Toward a Resilient Fabric of Architecture

Ezio Blasetti, pars (orationis)

Sebastien Bourbonnais, Information Relay: The Indetermination Between Machines

Pia Ednie-Brown, Architecture on Wire: Resilience Through Vitality
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Shabnam Hosseini & Hamish Rhodes, The Thing: An Architectural Script

Francois Jouve, Structural Optimization

Lydia Kallipoliti, I have a lump stuck in my throat!

Matthias Kohler, Aerial Architecture

Sanford Kwinter, The Tragedy of the Commons?
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Camille Lacadée, (rama)kanabolism: Bangkok’s furious, sensuous hankering

Leopold Lambert, Abject Matter: The Barricade and the Tunnel

Sylvia Lavin, The Report of My Death
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Iain Maxwell & Dave Pigram, In the Cause of Architecture: Traversing Design And Making
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Fabrice Melquiot & Stephanie Lavaux, The measure of the day

Antonio Negri & Francois Roche, A Dialogue: Negri and Roche

Can Onaner, Analyzing the Masochistic Architect

Philippe Parreno, Marilyn

Beatriz Preciado, Architecture as a Practice of Biopolitical Disobedience
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Francois Roche, Reclaim Resi[lience]stance//......R2
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Roland Snooks, Volatile Formation
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Patricia J. Williams, DeliriousMe: Ownership and Identity in an Age of Genomic Medicine

Slavoj Zizek, Remarks on Occupy Wall Street


LOG 25
Summer 2012