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Log 22
Spring/Summer 2011
Log 22: The Absurd gets serious about the seemingly irrational side of architecture. Guest edited by Michael Meredith of MOS, this special thematic issue identifies the funny, ugly, contradictory, and more fuzzy realms of architecture, disavowing the purported orderliness of disciplinary presumptions to uncloak the implausibility at its core (maybe even its origin) and present new possibilities for experimentation. Sketches, tweets, a book of exorcisms, a comic, and a special DVD are presented alongside critical and provocative essays on hoarding, disaster, failure, and bowlers (as in hats).

Lucia Allais, Disaster as Experiment: Superstudio's Radical Preservation

Simon Critchley, Is Utopianism Dead?

K. Michael Hays & Marrikka Trotter, Fielding Fictions: A Conversation

Timothy Hyde, Bowler Hats

Sam Jacob, ACME

Mark Jarzombek, Bruno Taut's Nieder der Seriosismus!

Jeffrey Kipnis, Ain't Misbehavin'! (an ode to R&Sie(n))

Keith Krumwiede, The Bauhaus Tweets

Jimenez Lai, Primitives

Sylvia Lavin, Architecture In Extremis
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Tom McCarthy, 5i

John McMorrough, Architecture, Organization, Repetition, and Laughter

Michael Meredith, For the Absurd.

Clarence Nobody, Unfinished Project

Caroline O'Donnell, Fugly
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Michael Osman, Architecture Ad Absurdum

Jacques Ranciere, The Aesthetic Revolution and its Outcomes

Amanda Reeser Lawrence, The Return of the Dead: Stirling's Self-Revision at Roma Interrotta

Francois Roche, 'Alchimis (t/r/ick)-machines

Karl Rosenkranz, Aesthetic of Ugliness

Hilary Sample, Glass Acts

Superstudio, Salvages of Italian Historic Centers
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Bruno Taut, Down with Seriouisism!

David Foster Wallace, Laughing with Kafka

Plus: Not Negative, a DVD by MOS


LOG 22
Spring/Summer 2011