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Detroit Rock City:
An Urban Geology

SAA/Stan Allen Architect

Revolving Detroit

Preston Scott Cohen Inc.

New Corktown

Present Future

The New Zocalo

Pita & Bloom

Dequindre Civic Academy

Marshall Brown Projects

Mexicantown: A Liminal Blur

Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects

The Next Port of Call


Promised Land Air

A(n) Office

A New Federal Project

Zago Architecture

Free the Robots!

Antoine Picon

Along the Frontier of Resolution

Erin Besler & Ian Besler

Death and Robots

Nicholas de Monchaux & Ken Goldberg

Toward the Body of Work

Michael Meredith

Logistics Takes Command

Francesco Marullo

Broad Strokes

Joe Day

I don't want to cut a cookie out of my life.

Christina Tosi with Savinien Caracostea

Charm Everywhere

Shantel Blakely

Weird Architecture

Luis Fernández-Galiano


Tom Daniell

The Nightingale's Song

Sanford Kwinter

The Object Turn: A Conversation

Todd Gannon, Graham Harman, David Ruy & Tom Wiscombe

The Silent Witness

Gustavo Alonso Serafin

The Polis of Gestures

Paola Nicolin

The Big Convention

Dora Epstein Jones


Sanford Kwinter

What Kinds of Copies?

Urtzi Grau & Cristina Goberna

Beyond the Querelle

Bryony Roberts

New Ancients

Dora Epstein Jones & Bryony Roberts


Benjamin Burdick

Chandigarh, Noted

David Huber


C+S architects


Sarah Whiting

TID Tower


Faster, But Slower

Sam Jacob


Reiser + Umemoto

Villa Buggenhout

OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen


Neil M. Denari Architects

Lying Fallow

Sylvia Lavin

I am for tendencies

Jeffrey Kipnis

Le pari(s) de BKK

Francois Roche

"Nothing Serious"

Tom Daniell


Christopher Pierce


Massimo Scolari

The Tragedy of the Commons?

Sanford Kwinter

Volatile Formation

Roland Snooks

The Report of My Death

Sylvia Lavin


Sylvia Lavin

Digital Syle

Mario Carpo

Wagnerism Embodied

Joseph Clarke

English Pastoral

Andrea Phillips

Requiem in White

Nicholas de Monchaux

What Plastic Wants

Brennan Buck

Esprit futur

Simone Brott

Observations On Resistance

Ariane Lourie Harrison

The Real and the Virtual

Cynthia Davidson

Meet the Nelsons

Wes Jones

A Conversation with Charles Gwathmey

Cynthia Davidson and Charles Gwathmey